Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.  How long are the counseling sessions?

A. The length of the session varies depending on the needs of the individual/couple, but will usually be between 40 to 45 minutes long. 



Q.  What approach does Dr. Covey use in counseling?

A.  Each person’s situation is unique.  Thus, the counseling approach varies with each person.


Q.  What does Counseling from a Christian view mean?

A.  It means addressing issues from a Christian world-view.  This would include prayer, meditation, reading of Holy Scripture, reading of religious books, etc.


Q.  Does Dr. Covey see non-Christians?

A.  Although his Board Certification is in Christian Counseling, Dr. Covey provides counseling for persons who are not interested in that aspect of the counseling process, without any attempt to force his view upon them.


Q.  What is the frequency of the counseling sessions?

A.  As in question # 2 above, each person’s situation is unique.  Thus, the frequency of sessions varies with each person.  Typically, however, the sessions will be scheduled on a weekly basis for the first three or four sessions, perhaps then on a less frequent basis after that.


Q.  May the patient bring a family member to his / her session?

A.  This is certainly acceptable.  However, Dr. Covey would like to have the opportunity to discuss this with the patient prior to the session with the family member.


Q.  What is Dr. Covey’s church affiliation?

A.  He is a member of the Anglican Church, which is very Orthodox in its beliefs.  He is a member of the Order of St. Luke, which is an International Healing Ministry. Please refer to Dr. Covey’s Biography for further information on his religious affiliations.


Q.  Does insurance cover counseling?

A. We are on most insurance panels. We will check benefits and file your insurance for you if you provide us with the information.


Q.  Does Dr. Covey specialize in a particular area?

A.  Dr. Covey sees people with a wide variety of psychological issues, but he specializes in mood disorders (depression, anxiety), pre-marital counseling, marriage and family therapy, grief therapy, and spiritual issues, and conducts psychological testing.


Q.  Does Dr. Covey see children and adolescents?

A.  Yes, Dr. Covey sees both children and adolescents.  For some children under the age of 13 and who experience certain complex problems, it might be necessary to refer them to someone else who has more expertise in those specific areas.


Q.  How long would I have to wait to get an appointment with Dr. Covey?

A.  Our waiting period for an appointment is usually no more than 2 weeks. We do keep a cancellation list and can often get you in much sooner, if needed.  We do attempt to work in, as quickly as possible, those patients who are experiencing an emergency.


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