Intensive Marriage Counseling

Sometimes couples come to a place in their relationship at which separation or divorce seems to be the only option.   When couples are in a crisis time such as this, weekly marriage therapy may not be adequate.  In this sort of situation, there may be a need for an intensive intervention.

As a licensed psychologist and an ordained minister, I am now providing this type of intensive marriage therapy.  In this approach, the couple will spend the day working with me.  The day will include prayer, worship, and marital assessment, as well as individual and couple counseling.

After a day (approximately eight (8) hours) of intensive prayer and therapy, couples may be able to re-kindle a sense of hope for their marriage.  Then, it may be possible to move to weekly counseling sessions.

If you have any questions about this intensive marriage therapy, please contact my office by phone(854-9030) or email (  We can discuss whether this would be an appropriate intervention for your marital situation.

The intensive marriage counseling is usually NOT covered by insurance. The cost for each day of intensive marriage counseling is $795.00

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