Pre-Marital Counseling

 The decision to get married is one of the most significant decisions which any of us will make during our lifetime.   Thus, it is extremely important to spend some time in getting to know oneself and the prospective spouse.   Pre-marital counseling provides the opportunity to do this.

 Pre-marital counseling includes exploring major issues which a couple may experience in marriage;  e.g.,  finances, in-laws, intimacy, communication, faith, family history, role expectations, conflict resolution, family of origin issues, past trauma, individual and marital goals, and decisions regarding children.   It is also very helpful for each person to complete several questionnaires and/or tests to assist in understanding each other’s personality, ways of relating, or any current or past psychological issues.

 Typically, this process will involve six to eight sessions, depending upon the needs of the couple.

 Most ministers or priests require that a couple undergo pre-marital counseling prior to conducting the marriage ceremony.

 I have more than forty-five (45) years of experience in conducting pre-marital counseling.  I also conduct retreats on the Theology of Marriage.

If you are considering marriage, I look forward to being of service to you in your preparation process.

Pre-marital counseling is usually not covered by insurance.

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